Bridge Report: Lutheran Road Span Opens Early

NEW HANOVER PA – The Lutheran Road bridge over Minister Creek in New Hanover (at top), which was closed during April (2022) after a Pennsylvania Department of Transportation inspection discovered structural problems, re-opened Monday (Aug. 22). The work was completed four months ahead of schedule, according to the Montgomery County Roads and Bridges Department.

Because the bridge reconstruction was finished well ahead of its anticipated deadline, it ensures the road is available to vehicles ahead of the start of the school year, the department added. Designing and obtaining prefabricated concrete structures expedited the work.

The county also is involved in, and is still working to complete, restoration of the Swamp Pike bridge and paving a remaining section of Swamp Pike, department officials reported. Those improvements are being paid for by the county Motor Vehicle Fund.

The department said it maintains 131 bridges and more than 75 miles of roads across the county.

Photo provided by Montgomery County