Bridge Report: Township Closes Pruss Hill Road

LOWER POTTSGROVE PA – Lower Pottsgrove public works employees patiently waited Monday (Aug. 22, 2022) until shortly after 9 a.m., then quickly moved to erect access-limiting barriers and signage (at top and below) that announced Pruss Hill Road, between North Pleasant View and Schaffer roads, has closed. Its deteriorated bridge over Sanatoga Creek, near the Pruss Hill pond dam, is being rebuilt.

Bridge Report: Township Closes Pruss Hill Road

Through traffic is prohibited, although local access is available for property owners. The bridge is not expected to be completed, and the road re-opened, until sometime during November.

The combination of Bleim and Pruss Hill roads has for years been used as a commuters’ shortcut connection between the New Hanover, Gilbertsville, and Boyertown areas and the Sanatoga interchange at U.S. Route 422. The official and well-signed detour around the closure sends former Pruss Hill Road traffic over Snell Road, and then North Sanatoga Road, for east and west travel.

Township officials, during last week’s Board of Commissioners’ meeting, warned that a detour using Schaffer and North Pleasant View roads to reach Bleim was less acceptable due to the narrowness of Schaffer Road in some places. Area police departments with jurisdiction on portions of Pruss Hill, Rupert, Schaffer, Snell, North Sanatoga, North Pleasant View, and Bleim roads may provide speed and other traffic violation enforcement, they added.

The bridge reconstruction is being paid for in part by township funds and in-kind services, as well as a $196,800 Montgomery County Transportation Program grant. The replacement on Pruss Hill Road will be similar to that completed on Rupert Road during 2018. The curve on Pruss Hill Road will not be straightened as part of the anticipated work.

Photos provided by the Lower Pottsgrove Police Department via Facebook