Pottstown High Students Benefit from $77,000 Grant

Pottstown High health technology students and instructor Michaela Richardson (at top) display their new Sectra Visualization Table

POTTSTOWN PA – A $77,000 grant received from the Justamere Foundation will provide new equipment for the healthcare technology, automotive technology, and construction technology career programs at Pottstown High School, the Foundation for Pottstown Education reported Thursday (Aug. 25, 2022).

The funds are being used to buy:

  • A Sectra Visualization Table that allows healthcare students to see three-dimensional images of the human anatomy; and two hospital beds; and
  • An industrial air compressor, and a Chicago Pneumatic rotary screw compressor, for both automotive and construction technology use.

“We are pleased to partner with organizations like the Foundation for Pottstown Education, as they help us connect with the true needs of the community and maximize our impact,” Justamere Foundation President Lori Cushman said. The grant fit its mission “to impact generational poverty through grants for career education and supporting programs,” she added.

The high school’s Career and Technical Education program serves 540 students annually in classes for healthcare technology, automotive technology, construction technology, cosmetology, culinary arts, early childhood education, engineering, entrepreneurship, and marketing.

About the new equipment

The visualization table is a large, multi-touch medical display with software that facilitates interaction with 3-D images of the human body, created by modern computer tomography or magnetic resonance cameras. Students are able to intuitively zoom in to, rotate, or cut into the visualized body without using a scalpel or destroying the subject. The same image can be used repeatedly, and the students are able to study the impact of various illnesses on the anatomy.

The air compressor replaces an outdated, disruptively loud compressor system used in the automotive and construction technology program areas. The rotary screw compressor is accompanied by a 6,000-hour service kit, rotary plus 5 gallon pail, oil analysis kit, non-cycling refrigerated air dryer, inline general purpose filter assembly, and inline coalescing filter assembly.

“Current and future students in these programs will benefit greatly from the generosity” of the grant, Foundation for Pottstown Education Executive Director Joe Rusiewicz said. For more information about the foundation, call Rusiewicz at 610-970-6616.

PHS Career Students Benefit from $77,000 Grant
Pottstown Health Technology Michaela Richardson demonstrates the Sectra Visualization Table with Justamere Foundation President Lori Cushman

Photos provided by the Foundation for Pottstown Education