Bridge-That-Isn’t-There Still Attracts Commuters

Bridge-That-Isn't-There Still Attracts Commuters

BRIDGE BE GONE – Lower Pottsgrove’s Pruss Hill Road bridge no longer exists, having been removed in its entirety (at top) only days after the highway was officially closed (below) to traffic. It was regularly used as a shortcut between the U.S. Route 422 interchange at Sanatoga, and Gilbertsville and Boyertown. Its detour route relies in part on North Sanatoga Road. Pruss Hill residents, who have complained for years about the volume and speed of commuter traffic from Rupert Road west to North Pleasant View Road, had hoped they’d get some relief from the closure until a new bridge is installed by November. That hasn’t been the case. Social media posts during the past week claim as many as 15 drivers daily, on both sides of Sanatoga Creek, are ignoring “road closed” warnings and drive down to the bridge-that-isn’t-there, still looking to get across. They then turn around and sheepishly head back.

Photos by The Post