You Know Cold Weather Is Coming When …

LOWER POTTSGROVE PA – Forget the autumnal equinox. Stare at, but don’t depend on, that shining Harvest Moon. If you want the surest sign that weather is changing and the Pennsylvania chill isn’t far away, listen to the Lower Pottsgrove Board of Commissioners.

On Tuesday (Sept. 6, 2022), it unanimously authorized township Manager Ed Wagner to start collecting snow-plowing quotes for the 2022-2023 winter season.

To supplement the plows, buckets, and shovels of the township Public Works Department, commissioners annually agree to seek outside contractors who, for set fees, agree to help with snow removal during the worst winter weather that Mother Nature can conjure up.

Lower Pottsgrove includes about 100 miles of public roads. Of those, 25 miles are maintained by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. To clear the remaining 75 of ice and snow the township primarily relies on its own trained crews and plow trucks. It uses independent plow owners on occasion, though, particularly during severe storms.

It’s likely that, as they have in earlier years, commissioners will agree to accept quotes from all contractors who meet township requirements and are capable of doing the work. There’s no commitment to use any of them, but having their quotes in hand means the township can call on those resources when they’re needed most.

Apparently just as dependable as the commissioners’ authorization are the plow owners themselves. Although he seeks out as many quotes as possible each year, Wagner reports the same three contractors have supplied prices and agreed to serve on stand-by since 2019.

Photo by The Post