Boone Homestead Offers Free Visits Saturday

The Boone House (at top), built in three stages during the 18th century, is a 10-room stone structure at Daniel Boone Homestead in Birdsboro

HARRISBURG PA – Four regional historic sites in Berks, Chester, and Lancaster counties, all operated by the Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission, will be open to the public and free to visit Saturday (Sept. 24, 2022) during their regular house as the commission observes what its calls “Pennsylvania Trails of History” Day.

Participating in the event, the commission said, are sites that usually charge admission fees:

Pennsylvania Trails of History represents a bargain to everyone, and families in particular. The four are among a total of 17 locations across the state, all organized into four theme-based “trails:” military history, industrial heritage, historic homes, and rural farms and villages. The commission called it an opportunity for residents “to learn about the people, places and events that make Pennsylvania so special.”

“Visitors can walk in the footsteps of Pennsylvania’s historic soldiers on the Military History Trail” and its “significant forts, battlefields and training grounds. From modest stone houses to sprawling estates, the Historic Homes Trail opens the door to Pennsylvania’s past. The labor of iron, coal, oil, and lumber workers built businesses and communities are now legacies on the Industrial Heritage Trail;” and “the Rural Farm and Village Trail leads to pastoral landscapes from Colonial to recent history,” the commission said.

The commission is the official history agency of the Commonwealth.

Photo provided by Daniel Boone Homestead