Volunteers Cleaned Hobart’s Run Streets Saturday

POTTSTOWN PA – Volunteers (at top and below) organized by the Hobart’s Run community conducted a clean-up effort Saturday (Sept. 24, 2022) that it said made a visible difference in the appearance of King, Chestnut, and Walnut streets from Bailey to Washington, as well as their cross streets.

Volunteers Cleaned Hobart's Run Streets Saturday

“It’s amazing how great the streets look after only two hours of effort,” Twila Fisher, Hobart’s Run executive director, said of its “clean sweep” campaign. Participants included members of the Victory Christian Life Center at King and Washington streets, local neighbors, members of The Hill School basketball team, and other Hill student and faculty representatives.

The center served as the “rally point” for the clean-up, as well as a post-cleanup party that featured Little Italy’s pizza. Volunteers enjoyed lunch, played music, and introduced themselves to one another. “Meeting new Pottstown residents is one of the best aspects of these events,” Cathy Skitko, Hobart’s Run director of communications and community relations, observed.

Volunteers Cleaned Hobart's Run Streets Saturday

The organization also said it’s looking for block captains “to help keep friendly eyes” on the King, Chestnut, and Walnut street section of the neighborhood improvement district, and to support endeavors like the litter pickups. Those interested in working as captains are asked to send Fisher an e-mail at twila@hobartsrunpottstown.org.

Trashcan initiative continues

A Hobart’s Run Adopt-a-Trashcan initiative continues to help borough residents keep their sidewalks and gutters cleaner, it added.

The organization provides a free outdoor-quality trashcan with a lid to individuals who agree to routinely add the accumulated waste to their weekly collection and change the bags. Interested borough residents can e-mail hobartsrunpottstown@gmail.com to inquire about obtaining a bin.

The trashcans cost Hobart’s Run about $200 each. It said it’s continually seeking sponsors to support the initiative. Sponsors are recognized with promotions attached to the bins. Businesses or individuals interested in sponsoring a bin or bins can send an e-mail cathy@hobartsrunpottstown.org.

Photos by Sandi Yanisko provided by the Friends of Hobart’s Run