Energy Actors to Perform at Three Local Schools

PHILADELPHIA PA – Students attending elementary schools in Pottstown, Royersford, and Lower Pottsgrove are scheduled to be visited next month by professional actors engaged by electricity and natural gas supplier PECO Energy to teach them about energy efficiency.

The utility company has hired performers from The National Theatre for Children (at top) to present “Energy Endgame,” a mix of a theater production, games, and other activities intended to teach young learners about conserving energy. Because of PECO’s sponsorship, the shows and accompanying materials are offered as “a cost-free supplement to lessons in science, literacy and the arts,” it said.

More than 70 Philadelphia area and suburban schools are already listed for performance dates. They include:

  • Rupert Elementary School in Pottstown on Oct. 5 (2022; Wednesday);
  • Limerick Elementary School in Royersford on Oct. 10 (Monday); and
  • Ringing Rocks Elementary School in Lower Pottsgrove on Oct. 24 (Monday).

The live, in-school performance describes the work of a fictional video game designer whose latest creation is about to be publicly released … until the power suddenly goes out at her company. An Internet troll may be to blame! The designer sets out to learn about energy efficiency so she can get her company’s electricity back up and running. Student volunteers and suggestions are involved in each show.

The PECO production was available in schools until 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic, and has since been delivered virtually. This year marks its return to in-person action, the company said.

Photo provided by The National Theatre for Children