Pottstown Investment Among PECO Improvements

PHILADELPHIA PA – The replacement in Pottstown of electric utility wires, poles, devices, and transformers, as well as tree trimming and tree removals for safety and reliability, are examples of how PECO Energy is investing millions of dollars to improve its infrastructure in Montgomery County through the remainder of 2022, the company declared.

Overall expenditures are expected to “prevent customer outages, modernize the electric grid, and reduce the impact of extreme weather,” PECO said Wednesday (Sept. 27, 2022). Its $6 billion total investment will be spread over five years on electric and natural gas systems to inspect equipment, complete infrastructure enhancements, do corrective maintenance, invest in new equipment, and manage vegetation, the utility added.

The work in Pottstown is among “46 electric reliability projects” in the county either already completed or anticipated by year’s end, according to PECO. It also cited examples in Lower Providence and Abington.

To further enhance reliability and maintain power to customers, PECO reported it actively installs specialized equipment, known as reclosers, that can automatically restore service or isolate damage. During 2021, 269 new reclosers were installed, it said, bringing the total to 3,250 system-wide. Reclosers have avoided about 4.6 million power interruptions for customers over a five-year period, it claimed.

PECO, founded in 1881, is Pennsylvania’s largest electric and natural gas utility.

Photo by The Post