Local Firm to Remanufacture Hybrid Vehicle Batteries

PHOENIXVILLE PA – A3 Global LLC, a company located at 300 Schell Ln., said it opened operations Tuesday (Nov. 22, 2022) to remanufacture “hundreds” of hybrid and electric vehicle batteries per month using reconditioning equipment created by a subsidiary.

It reported nickel metal hydride hybrid vehicle batteries that perform poorly or near their end-of-life “can be brought back to fully operational, like-new conditions” through its reconditioning process. “Reconditioned battery modules are reassembled into a new battery pack and reinstalled into a vehicle to give the battery a second life,” it added.

It also similarly “plans to begin servicing electric vehicle lithium-ion batteries” during 2023, the company reported.

Providing remanufactured batteries to vehicle owners “is an alternative to buying a new battery, which is expensive and has a negative environmental impact,” A3 Global Chief Commercial Officer Aaron Poynton said. Batteries typically don’t last as long as the 12-year average lifespan for cars on the road, he noted.

Not all batteries can be reconditioned, A3 Global acknowledged. For them, it said it also “developed a proprietary technique to remanufacture battery packs using a mix of original equipment manufacturer and aftermarket modules.”

U.S. Rep. Chrissy Houlahan, who represents Pennsylvania’s 6th Congressional District, was among those who toured the A3 Global facility.

Photo by Yuan Thirdy via Unsplash, used under license