Studio B Wins Grant for June 2023 ‘Legacy’ Project

BOYERTOWN PA – A Boyertown Area Charitable Program grant has been presented to Studio B Art Gallery, 39A E. Philadelphia Ave., for its production of an art exhibit, an accompanying book of poetry, prose, and art, and related community activities to be scheduled from June through August 2023, the studio announced.

The charitable program is an arm of the Berks County Community Foundation. The financial value of the grant for the coming project, titled “Legacy: Remembrance Matters,” was not mentioned.

During the past 10 years, the gallery said, it has combined visual and literary art in exhibits that feature local artists, and with the release of an anthology of the poetry, prose, and art of local writers and artists. It anticipates inviting community participation in a variety of activities. Studio B recognized the Boyertown Area Charitable Program of the Berks County Community Foundation as “an important partner” that has funded assorted projects throughout its 14-year history.

For the Legacy project the gallery’s call to writers and artists is an invitation to share – in poetry, prose, or art – memories or things or efforts they will leave behind that represent how they hope to be remembered as their most important legacy. Offerings also may consider communities’ legacies that have played a part in how they have lived, in what they believe and value and what has been left behind.

March 1 (2023) is the due date for submissions to the project. For more information on submission criteria, send an e-mail to

Photo by Eugene Chystiakov via Unsplash, used under license