Police Pursue Tire Dumping Leads; Park Closed

LOWER POTTSGROVE PA – Lower Pottsgrove Police Department detectives have spent the past 48 hours investigating new leads in the dumping of about 200 rubber vehicle tires on grounds and in the pond at the township’s Ringing Rocks Park, police Chief Richard Bell said Friday (Dec. 3, 2022). He’s hopeful their work will result in the identification of a suspect or suspects in the incident, he added.

Police personnel have been busy with the case since the department was alerted Thursday (Nov. 25) about the dumping incident in the park at 1880 N. Keim St. The park entrance was barricaded and officially closed Tuesday (Nov. 29) to vehicular traffic for the winter by township Director of Utilities John Fogel.

All but two tires have been removed by a Lower Pottsgrove crew to the township Public Works garage on North Pleasant View Road, Fogel reported. The remaining pair will be fished out of the pond next week, with the help of a boat owner who volunteered the service.

Users can still walk into the 34-acre recreational area, but must park their vehicles elsewhere nearby, Fogel reported.

Properties owned by adjacent townships – Upper Pottsgrove, West Pottsgrove, and Douglass (Montgomery) – also were reported as dumping victims, according to their police chiefs, township managers, or public works directors. Fewer tires, in amounts of 100 or less, apparently were left at areas in the three.

At least one private property owner also was a victim, Douglass Police Chief Barry Templin Jr. reported.

A total of roughly 300 to 350 tires may have been distributed by what some municipal officials are calling environmental vandals. It’s possible that other dumping sites, if any, have yet to be discovered, they worry.

An environmental crimes unit in the office of Pennsylvania Attorney General, and now Governor-elect, Josh Shapiro reportedly also has been alerted about the incidents and may be of assistance in the investigation.