Santa Delayed but Undaunted by Saturday Emergency

SANATOGA PA – Sometimes even Santa Claus encounters unexpected situations, the Sanatoga Fire Company reported during the weekend.

Santa Delayed but Undaunted by Saturday Emergency

Company volunteers (above) were escorting Santa, who stood atop a fire truck, Saturday (Dec. 17, 2022) while they drove through portions of Lower Pottsgrove Township for his annual visit with residents. As occasionally happens, though, the company received a mid-trip call from Montgomery County emergency dispatchers, asking for their help in a nearby neighborhood.

Santa, who knows more than a thing or two about the value of a fast response, went along.

On the company Facebook page firefighters promised the jolly elf would be back on the road as quickly as possible, but explained he would be “slightly delayed” by the call. They also posted a photo of Santa on the scene as he entertained responders from the township police department (at top).

Once the call was completed, the firefighters and Santa were good for their word. He climbed back onto the truck, and resumed his visits without wrinkling his fur-lined collar.

Santa in the neighborhood photo from the Sanatoga Fire Company Facebook page
Volunteers photo by Kate Collemacine for the Sanatoga Fire Company