Redner’s Fast Fill-Up Opens as New ‘Gateway’

GRAND OPENING – A decades-old blighted building that stood at the northwestern corner gateway to Lower Pottsgrove, which the township Board of Commissioners sought to rescue and revive for a period almost as long, has finally been replaced. The property’s owner, Redner’s Markets Inc., on Monday (Dec. 26, 2022) displayed grand opening signs for its new Fast Fill-Up station, and an employee was seen occupying its kiosk to welcome customers. The company cleaned up the parcel at North Charlotte and Mervine streets and installed the fueling station to help it compete against similar retailers. It also agreed to limit the height of some signage to make it look more physically attractive, township Manager Ed Wagner told commissioners last week. The station had been scheduled to officially open about a week earlier, Wagner noted, but was delayed by some inspections and final finishing work.

Artist’s rendition provided by Lower Pottsgrove Township via Redner’s