Successful Rupert Elementary Students Visited at Home

Students (at top) Mark Fitzsimmons, left, and Keila Perez Velasquez

Successful Rupert Elementary Students Visited at Home
Students Autumn Redfield-Smith, left, and Hunter Gonzalez

POTTSTOWN PA – Five Pottstown School District students (at top, above, and below) who attend Rupert Elementary School were named Tuesday (Jan. 17, 2023) as I’MPACT Home Visit winners for the school’s second marking period. They are:

  • Hunter Gonzalez, kindergarten, from teacher Laurie Gresko’s class;
  • Keila Perez Velasquez, first grade, from teacher Katie Fretz’s class;
  • Jayvion Hartwell, second grade, from teacher Kelsey Hultz’s class;
  • Autumn Redfield-Smith, third grade, from teacher Jamie Fazekas’s class; and
  • Mark Fitzsimmons from teacher Ron Frederick’s class.
Successful Rupert Elementary Students Visited at Home
I’MPACT team members and student Jayvion Hartwell

The I’PACT Award (an acronym for the school’s “I’m Pottstown Action Community Team”) singles out and congratulates students each period for their successes, hard work, citizenship, and positive behavior during the latest marking period. Team members present each student and parents with a personalized certificate detailing why they were selected, a yard sign, and a T-shirt.

In addition to the students’ teachers, other Rupert staffers involved in the presentations were Lauren Crean, Cindy Bartolucci, Cheryl Wambold, Shannon Richey, Kayla Murray, Kayla Reeder, and Principal Matt Moyer.

Photos provided by Rupert Elementary School