Township Seeks New Solution for its Municipal Campus

SANATOGA PA – With general construction and building materials costs rising, the Lower Pottsgrove Board of Commissioners’ hope to build a new municipal campus at the corner of South Pleasant View Road and East High Street in Sanatoga now seem far beyond the township’s reach, President Ray Lopez acknowledged Thursday (Jan. 19, 2023).

The project, on which the board voted its approval during November 2020, was initially expected to cost slightly more than $8 million. In these post-pandemic and supply-shortage times, however, the latest estimate for already sketched plans probably amounts to more than $11 million, or 37-percent higher, Lopez said.

That’s not acceptable, Lopez observed. So his solution, suggested during Thursday’s board meeting, was to “regroup” and “see what other options are out there.” And, he added, possibly a new set of eyes will help. Lopez said Commissioner Michael McGroarty has agreed to join the township’s five-member Infrastructure Committee, succeeding former commissioner Bruce Foltz.

In offering a public update on the committee, Lopez noted that conditions in place during February 2022 – when the notion of pursuing the campus was put on indefinite hold – haven’t changed much.

A sense of urgency remains, he said. The need for additional space in the over-crowded Buchert Road township administrative and police offices (at top) is greater than ever. Buildings available on the real estate market and examined by board members fell short of the anticipated need, or seemed too difficult or costly to renovate.

Lopez believes an answer is out there, and that more aggressive work by the committee will find it.

Members of the committee, which also includes Lopez, township Manager Ed Wagner, Codes Enforcement Officer Joe Groff, and Police Chief Rick Bell, intend to meet “in the next few weeks” to see what they can accomplish.

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