Board’s Sunnybrook Meeting Unexpected, Necessary

LOWER POTTSGROVE PA – It’s been months since the Lower Pottsgrove Board of Commissioners held a meeting at Sunnybrook Ballroom. The need in the past has either been for a large gathering, like the retirement of former President Bruce Foltz, or the safety of social distancing against COVID-19.

On Thursday (Jan. 19, 2023), though, commissioners ended up there for an entirely different reason. Their conference room, and other areas in the Buchert Road township municipal building, were being repaired due to minor flood damage created two weeks earlier.

Segments of walls have been already been replaced and patched (at top). Painters “are moving fast,” and were expected to finish their work Friday (Jan. 20), Manager Ed Wagner told board members. Carpet installation and final trim work is ahead. Township employees haven’t missed a beat; they’ve been working daily in the building since the incident.

The repair cost is covered by insurance. Wagner estimated it will come in at under $66,000. The work includes professional remediation and pipe repair, replacement of access and fire alarm panels, carpeting in the conference room and four offices, drywall replacement, and the paint.

With all that activity finishing up, ladders, buckets, and tools remained in the conference room for convenience. In addition to its “disarray,” Wagner noted, the room was “very dusty because of the drywall.” Sunnybrook agreed to offer its space Thursday, and commissioners expressed their thanks.

A mess, and a fast response

The year-end arrival of a brutal cold snap froze a pipe in the room after the offices were closed, causing it to burst, Wagner reported. Water poured into the space, covering its floor up to 4 inches deep. It then seeped down the interior walls to the basement offices of the police department. In fact, he said, police officers were the first to alert him of the problem.

“We didn’t know then what we were getting into,” Wagner recalled. The building required extensive clean-up, in which police officers and volunteer firefighters from both township companies played important roles, he said. “Everyone did an great job,” Wagner reported. Within two hours of getting into the building and shutting off the pipe, water was being vacuumed out and fans were running to dry soaked walls and carpet.

Board’s Sunnybrook Meeting Unexpected But Necessary

By Jan. 3 (Monday), the conference room was at least habitable and commissioners met there. Parts of the walls were sawed away (above), awaiting replacement drywall. The carpet was gone, and remnants of the adhesive that held it in place made walking on its floor an unusual sensory experience.

With the work yet to be finished, board members decided upon moving to Sunnybrook on Thursday for just one meeting, and advertised it to the public. As it turned out, only a news reporter and former commissioner Tom Troutman attended. The session lasted all of 21 minutes. The change was nonetheless “the right choice to make,” President Ray Lopez said.

Wagner said board members will be back in the conference room for their Feb. 6 gathering.

Photos by The Post

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