Public Comment Awaited on Hazard Mitigation Plan

NORRISTOWN PA – Montgomery County planning officials have completed a draft of their update to the county “Hazard Mitigation Plan,” which is intended to reduce its “vulnerability to weather-related, geologic, human-caused, technological, and other natural hazards” that could threaten residents and property. Now they’d like the public to review and comment on it.

The draft was compiled during the past year, using information provided by municipalities, county departments, and state agencies. Members of a steering committee comprised of county, municipal, and community representatives were advisors in the process. Planners also have held several public meetings to review significant sections of the draft as they were completed.

So it’s your turn. Find the draft document, look at its contents, and determine which ideas and proposals satisfy you … or not. Then write an online note – long or short, it’s your choice – offering your thoughts. The authors are looking for your honest feedback.

If you prefer the ink-on-paper method, mail your comment to Drew Shaw, Environmental Planning Manager, Montgomery County Planning Commission, P.O. Box 311, Norristown PA 19404-0311. You can send him an e-mail, too, at

There’s time yet; the deadline for comments is Feb. 17 (2023; Friday). The update, due to be finalized later this year, is required by the Federal Emergency Management Agency to meet state and federal public safety needs.

Photo provided by the Montgomery County Planning Commission

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