Constellation, Trades Unions Agree to Expand Diversity

BALTIMORE MD – Baltimore-headquartered Constellation Energy, which operates the nuclear-powered Limerick Generating Station at 3146 Sanatoga Rd., Limerick, and representatives of its employee union, have signed a pledge to increase diversity in the building trades among populations that have not historically worked in the energy industry (at top).

Constellation, Trades Unions Agree to Expand Diversity
Joe Dominguez (above left), Constellation president and CEO, and Sean McGarvey (right), president of North America’s Building Trades Unions, exchange a pen during the agreement-signing

Constellation’s agreement with North America’s Building Trades Unions was announced Monday (Feb. 6, 2023). It applies to all Constellation building trades projects, and seeks to increase access, equity and advancement opportunities for underrepresented groups. They include women and communities of color.

It also sets standards to eliminate bias, and create a culture of belonging, in all aspects of recruitment, hiring, training, and retention practices.

Constellation, which operates a fleet of 12 nuclear clean energy centers in Illinois, New York, and Maryland, annually employs several thousand members of the trades unions. The company, its contractors, and union partners will report each year on engagements and partnerships formed with community leaders and workforce development programs to help meet the pledge.

The labor organization represents more than 3 million skilled craft professionals in the United States and Canada. It consists of 14 national and international unions, and more than 330 provincial, state and local building and construction trades councils.

Other pledge signers include industry employers such as Allied Power, Siemens Energy, GE-APM, JJ White, BrandSafway, and Brieser Construction, the company said.

Photos from video provided by Constellation Energy