Local Obituaries Reported March 7

The Post provides direct links to locally relevant obituaries available at funeral home websites. Today’s (March 7, 2023) compilation consists of 14 obituaries. It includes the names, ages, local connections, dates of passing, and brief funeral home references for the deceased.

Vickie Lynn Babb, 63, of Collegeville, survivors in Collegeville, Royersford, and Limerick, March 4, Moore, Snear and Ruggiero

Mark A. Beidler, 59, of Lansdale, survivors in East Greenville, March 3, Huff and Lakjer

James R. Kramer, 71, of Schwenksville, survivors in Limerick and Schwenksville, March 3, Williams

Robert E. Moser, 86, of Red Hill, survivors in Bally, March 3, Huff and Lakjer

Adeline Grace Moyer, 4½, of Telford, survivors in Red Hill, March 3, Williams-Bergey-Koffel

Da’quan Kennard Tucker, 25, of West Norriton, arrangements in Pottstown, March 3, Beauford

James Charles Hoffman, 73, of Harleysville, March 2, Raffeo-DiCecco

Harry “Dave” Leh Jr., 69, of Pottstown, March 2, Catagnus

Dennis L. Smith, 70, of Douglassville, March 2, Dengler

Miriam W. Souder, 95, of Telford, survivors in Schwenksville, Pottstown, and Harleysville, March 2, Williams-Bergey-Koffel

John Stanley Gerhart, 70, of Phoenixville, March 1, Klotzbach

Florence A. Shive, 75, of Pottstown, PA, March 1, Houck & Gofus

Dorothea M. (Ockershausen) Ott, 86, of Perkiomenville, survivors in East Greenville and Boyertown, Feb. 26, Ott

Cecilia Ann Fritz, 69, of Pottstown, Feb. 4, Schumacher and Benner

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