Vehicle Goes Off-Road Sunday in Upper Pottsgrove

Vehicle Goes Off-Road Sunday in Upper Pottsgrove

UPPER POTTSGROVE PA – Upper Pottsgrove Township police said the driver of a Chevrolet-model sports utility vehicle, involved Sunday (March 12, 2023) at about 6:20 a.m. in a single motor-vehicle accident near the intersection of Maugers Mill and Yarnall roads, seemed to have fled the scene on foot.

Vehicle Goes Off-Road Sunday in Upper Pottsgrove

It is not yet known if he or she was injured. The driver had not been located as of 7:15 a.m. Police said no other occupants appeared to have been in the SUV. Tire tracks on the highway that followed the vehicle’s location showed it appeared to have been heading east on Maugers Mill Road at the time.

Police reported the front passenger-side door was open, and its windows were damaged. The driver could have left the vehicle by those exits, they indicated.

Witnesses who called Montgomery County emergency dispatchers told them the SUV had slid down a steep embankment, was lying on its side, and was surrounded by trees and rocks. Dispatchers called for a tow truck to enable its removal, and sent Ringing Hill Fire Company volunteers to the scene with a truck and fire police.

The incident occurred near the Yarnall Road-end of an Upper Pottsgrove walking trail that follows Sprogel’s Run. No pedestrians were seen in the vicinity at the time.

Maugers Mill Road was barricaded and traffic re-routed on the east at Orlando Road, and by first responder vehicles at Yarnall Road.

Photos by The Post